24 May

Planning To Travel Abroad; The US Now Wants Only Competent People

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Last week, President Trump of the United States made an announcement where he outlined a new US Immigration policy which focused on Competence-based Immigration.  The US currently welcomes over one million immigrants each year and a large number of these migrants get into the US through chain migration, visa lottery programs, asylum claims, among other means. It should also be noted that this figure does not include millions of other undocumented immigrants who enter into the US illegally.

In the new proposal, president Trump pointed out the fact that all the above-mentioned means of migration have one major flaw; they are not merit-based.

He highlighted how other developed nations were taking in people based on their competence (academically, professionally, and technically), while the US was just taking in “everybody”. His challenge to the US Congress was to ratify a new immigration policy which will prioritize the immigration of highly competent people into the US. In fact, he specifically mentioned an instance where the US will attempt to keep the best graduating foreign students in the US for work amidst other proposals.

The highlight of all these is that the developed nations of the world, at a national scale, are beginning to prioritize competence in their immigration plans. Countries such as Germany, Canada, and Switzerland are famous for initiatives that bring the most competent people into their country.

Competence is the currency of the 21st century. Countries, government agencies, and private organizations are constantly on the lookout for top talent; defined by their technical abilities, interpersonal skills, and workplace aptitude.

This is a wakeup call for you. A wakeup call to prioritize competence development as you grow professionally. This is of critical important not just for today, but also for the future of work. And seeing that countries are now prioritizing who comes into their shores based on competence, then competence is critical to the future of living also.

Fun Fact: when you travel abroad without competence, you are called an immigrant. When you travel with the competence to solve global problems, you are called an expatriate. What will you be called when you go to the US or elsewhere?

Competence is Freedom!

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