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The CASA program is a competence development program that helps undergraduates gain competence in the use of cloud-based accounting and management software applications.
1. Register and make payment
2. You will be trained on the use of the software in a two-day intensive bootcamp
3. The bootcamp will be followed by a "Case Study Application Module* which will last for 3 weeks
4. You are then certified by Competence Africa
5. You become a member of our Alumni Community which comes with free access to trainings, discounts, and many more benefits
6. Should you desire an internship, and you demonstrate competence, we will get you an "Internship opportunity*
7. We can write you a reference letter should you desire it
The CASA Program is primarily aimed at students in Management Science or related faculties i.e students studying, Accounting, Banking & Finance, Business Administration, Economics, Insurance, Marketing and so on.
That said, you can participate in the program regardless of your academic discipline so long as you have the will to learn.
You can register and pay here (link to the schedule page) or reach out to our CAMPUS AMBASSADOR in your school
Each CASA Program focuses on one particular software application. However, once you participate in your first CASA Program, you get a 40% discount to participate in other CASA Programs that focuses on a different software.
For instance; If you developed competence in use of Quickbooks Online in one CASA Program, you get a 40% discount to attend another CASA Program that focuses on Advanced Excel
Some of the software programs we train on include; Quickbooks Online, Sageone, Advanced Excel, Waveapps among others
We have the Competence Africa (CA) Skill School which is an online platform where we help you develop 4 Skills in one month (1 skill per week). This is great for all round personal and professional development.
1. You will gain competence in the use of a relevant software
2. You will learn a commercial skill
3. You will be prepared for the future of work, leadership, and workplace effectiveness
4. You will have access to shared information from our Alumni from universities across Nigeria
5. You will get updates on developmental programs, scholarships, and other local and international opportunities
6. You will become a certified Cloud Accountant
7. You will get a distinct advantage over your peers

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