This is the fastest, cheapest, and most efficient, way to learn skills and upgrade yourself!

Welcome to the Competence Africa Skill School (CA Skill School).

What is the CA Skill School?

The CA Skill School is a simple online school (on Whatsapp/Telegram) comprising undergraduates and recently graduated students from diverse African universities, where commercial, work, and life skills will be taught on an ongoing basis for a monthly subscription of $3 or N1,120.

How does CA Skill School Work?

At the CA Skill School, you learn a skill a week. So by the end of one month, you would have learnt 4 different skills that will improve your personality, your work skills, and your appeal to employers.
Training is delivered in short lessons through voice notes, short videos, PDF docs, links and so on. This is coupled with a live chat with the facilitator and other students.

The training is facilitated by seasoned experts with a wide array of experience. You will have a main facilitator and occasionally, a guest facilitator is invited.

Why CA Skill School?

The CA Skill School is our own way of helping you fast-track your personal and professional growth in a easy, convenient, and cost effective way.

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