Competence Africa is a social enterprise whose primary objective is to improve the quality of Africa’s human capital through fast-paced technology adoption. We are driven by the need to see Africa become a first world continent, driven by highly skilled people, driving transformative innovation in the business, social, and public sectors.

We focus on developing exceptional tech-driven competencies across diverse African social clusters through the execution of different Competence Development Programs. On a high-level, our business is executed in three simple ways;

  • We research and curate innovative tech solutions on an industry-by-industry basis.
  • We train undergraduates on the use of the tech solutions most relevant to their core discipline.
  • We provide internship opportunities that then allows them to put the tools to real practice.

Our business model creates value in three major ways; it

  • Helps undergraduates gain new and relevant competencies
  • Helps to drive technology adoption; hence providing increased market access to Africa’s tech businesses
  • Generates resources to train other under-served segments of the Africa youth population

Our programs are currently targeted at Undergraduates, Job seekers, Professionals, and Civil Servants. Our flagship program, The CASA Program, helps undergraduates gain competence in the use of the technology tools that are redefining the present and the future of work.

Through our work, we help undergraduates, job-seekers, professionals, and civil servants gain new and relevant competencies, while simultaneously driving technology adoption in different markets for budding tech companies; hence providing increased market access to Africa’s tech businesses

We are on a mission to up-skill Africa’s youth population to meet the world’s human capital needs

What problems are we solving

Our business model solves problems for multiple constituents.

For Students

Every Nigerian (Nigeria is our primary geographic focus) agrees that the education system is bad. However, most still depend on that inadequate system to prepare them for the global market, as they cannot afford the alternative of studying abroad.

What we are doing at Competence Africa is to complement the “Nigerian education”, leveraging on the already existing structure; training students on the use of tech-based work tools amidst other things, hence improving the quality of the education they get within the same undergraduate time-

For Technology Companies

Over the past decade, there has been a drastic increase in the number of tech-focused businesses on the African continent. While these companies have developed a wide range of tech solutions, one problem that is common to most is market penetration and adoption of their solution within the continent.

Our work helps to deepen market access for these companies by helping the youth population and upcoming workforce understand and adopt the use of these tech solutions.

For the Under-served Youth Population

Our mission is to up-skill Africa’s youth population so we are well aware of the fact that there is a larger population outside the higher institutions of learning. Young people in this category generally have low disposable income and as such cannot pursue any significant education or development opportunities.

Being a social enterprise, we leverage the revenue we generate from our professional programs to up-skill these underserved segment at little or no cost to them